Do I need to have a contract with you?

Nope, cancel any time you want!

Do you offer your services worldwide?

Yup, but the working language is only English at this moment. If your task needs any other language, we cannot provide any services, unfortunately.

What happens on Holidays though?

On major USA holiday days, your assistant will be spending his/her free time as the rest of the population. But in case of urgency, we can work the situation through! The Key is the right communication!

Are the assistants able to work on weekends?

The work schedule is different for every assistant. But you can always submit tasks to the task pool, and if your assistant has a day off, then the next available assistant will handle it for you.

Will I be able to share my passwords with an assistant?

Yup, you can share passwords and be sure that it will be secure. Just inform us when you want to share it with your assistant.

How can i trust you

Easily! You will have a subscription via Paypal, and in case you do not feel secure or comfortable while working with us, you can cancel and get a refund.