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Who Are We?

We are web travelers. 
Current Location: Could be anywhere in Milkyway 
Our choice of vehicle: Rocket. 
Destination: Vision that YOU have. 
Path: Might be rocky and unexplored but full of ideas, insights, and storms, BRAINstorms. 
The ultimate result: A bit tired, nonetheless, satisfied with the work done. 

What Can We Do? 

Dare We say- Everything.
But let’s stay in line.
We offer you a complete range of SEO PACKAGES!
Need a cool -as-our-galaxy marketing strategy for your earthly or unearthly product?
We can do that for you. 

Need your content to be high-ranked by Google itself? Or to increase your Search Engine Result Pages? 

Just ask for our SEO Rocket. 

We will be there, rescuing everyone and everything in need. 

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Nothing less than the intergalactic quality and professionalism. 

Our main principle is precision with analyzing the demands of our clients. What, how, and when they want? What are the messages they want to communicate with their customers? What is the idea behind their product? These are the aspects we are passionate about to analyze. Understanding our clients is the most important job for us, and we are always looking forward to collaborating with them.

What is EduardsMarketing?

EduardsMarketing is a USA-based company that offers efficient virtual assistant services for busy individuals like you. Our main goal is to make your life easier so you can have more time to set the priorities of your life as they suit you, free up time for the things that matter. Built and fashioned by like-minded individuals, the base on which EduardsMarketing stands are knowledge, commitment, and passion for providing cost-effective services that our clients deserve. We strive to consistently deliver high-class virtual assistance as we believe that being stress-free and relaxed are the things well-deserved.


Our services

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Social Media Marketing

Increment your image with mindfulness, connect with clients, and influence the general population through the most mainstream web-based media channels. We realize how to utilize online media viably. We give you insight on how to design a campaign, characterize the intended focus group, and create unique content for your unique brand.

Online Advertising

If you are looking for a way to create a solid marketing strategy for your product, then our team is what you need. We offer to establish a trustworthy brand that connects to real people, a brand that tells a story and serves the purpose. With the professionals in our team, your product will always be presented on well-known platforms without any extra fee.

Cloud Services

With the assistance of our cloud services, you will have the opportunity to accomplish the best outcomes with minimal measure of assets. This is the way to effectively develop your business in a brief amount of time. My company offers an affordable and usable framework for the development of any task in the most ideal manner conceivable. With our distributed computing and comparative components, you can make your business relatable and simple to access for the entirety of your business partners and providers.

Search Engine Optimization

EduardsMarketing offers the simplest and well-balanced SEO service package. Using this service will provide you with the most effective chance of perfectly positioning your website on the front page. This can be the foremost successful marketing move for your company. Due to the computer program optimization services that we provide, you are already ready to make an online service visible and popular product for your audience.​

Project Technical Improvement

We can assure you that the development of your project is in the best possible hands due to the professionals in our crew and tools in our reach. With the right way of managing it, your digital product will always be in a fine, up-to-date, and effective working state.

Mobile App Development

Need a mobile app in order to make your business the most efficient? We can build it for you! User friendly? Check. A modern interface and creative design? Also, check. This will high rocket your business! Easy to use, beauty to look at, comfortable- what more could the mobile app be?

Strategic Consulting

If your goal is your business to achieve success, the strategic advice offered by EduardsMarketing is the most suitable option for you. We are going to use the most effective technology trends, time management, cost management, and other important aspects of your business model for it to become more relatable and easier to run. Due to our strategic advice, you’ll be able to achieve all of your desired goals within the shortest amount of time.

Project Management

EduardsMarketing offers you all the tools and resources needed to run the very best quality projects with no extra cost. With our help, you will be ready to save a good deal of your time and resources, as collaborating with us means the efficient and original implementation of any project. Due to a professional team and expert developers, our skills in project management of any style or size will give you the best outcome in any field.

Web Development

In case you feel lost, do not have any specific idea about the website, its design – you can have trust in our expertise! Due to our experience in many digital fields, we can analyze the subject, observe the specifications, and offer the solution you need!

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Happy Customers

98% of our customers are happy with our service.

Active Customers

We have a lot subscribed customers and freelancers.

Active Freelancers

We have a lot freelancers ready to take your projects.

Customers reviews

What people say

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Honestly, I have never had such a good experience while working with a whole bunch of PROFESSIONALS. Do they understand what they are doing? Check. Do they understand you and listen to you? Check. Do they introduce their viewpoint and give legit advice? ALSO, CHECK. So, see you guys, again!

Loretta Figueroa

As a ‘noob’ influencer, I needed a good marketing strategy, a new insight on how to work my way up on a very difficult ladder that is called Social network. These friendly bunches got down to a business immediately, and what is most important, they had no problems with understanding my point of view and the core and base of where I and my work were coming from. I had yet another good experience with not only real professionals but with cool people too.

Wesley Roberson

As a businesswoman who has to juggle work, career, and kids, I need fast, efficient, and effective solutions. These are people who are professionals, know that time actually is money, and have the clients’ best interest in their mind. Glad that I came across to you.

Crystal Shelton

I had only 3 days. Three days and the site should have been up and running. I do not exactly know how these people managed to do that, maybe they are not from here (If you know what I mean), but they did. It IS kind of scary, but well, the job was done. Again, I’m not asking questions, but to say mildly I was very, very impressed. Good job, guys!

Johnathan Adams

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